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Why I don’t

have affiliates.

I thank anyone who would like to be an affiliate with my Chief Entity ACC, but we as a whole in fact do not feel like we align with affiliation. We believe that genuine love and trust in us will spread by itself. Which is why we don’t in fact have many sales or promotions at all. We believe people who need us will find us when they are ready and when they do we are here to serve with proper exchange for all the work, love and energy that has gone into this Cacao. 

I personally would promote a product if I love it and believe in it without asking for anything in return. This is called good Dharma. This comes from the heart.

I feel that affiliacy can quickly change to a money making drive rather than sharing something so that you can see others rise while wishing them well on their journey. Which I believe is the biggest gift one could receive as payment. I feel like affiliacy comes from a place of “well they are making money from my influence so I should have a piece of the pie”. The exchange then, I feel, doesn’t come from the heart. I feel if someone were to want to spread the word about ACC it would be because they have experienced her magic and want the same for others. I don’t believe it’s about funnelling buyers as this can take over the reason for affiliacy rather than genuine sharing of knowledge, love, intention and growth. I believe that if a persons money story matches with a product then the exchange will be equally received in honour.


Instead of affiliacy I offer wholesale for thpse who wish to stock ACC in their stores. To become a wholesaler/stockist please email leena@australianceremonialcacao.com. From here I will send you a questionnaire so that I can better understand and assess if we align with your purpose and mission. 

Thank you for your understanding.

Warmly, Leena.