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Pregnancy and Breastfeeding.

You can still drink Cacao during pregnancy but in a smaller dose- there is caffeine and can raise blood rate but lower blood pressure. So have half a heart instead of a full size. 

During breastfeeding, because Cacao has a small dose of caffeine in it, it can keep your baby awake for a bit longer so make sure you have it in smaller doses still like half a heart and drink after your baby has gone down for a nap so that it doesn't affect their sleep times.

Does cacao have caffeine?

YES it is caffeinated but is slower releasing and at a lower amount than what coffee has. The effect is VERY different to coffee. However it still has caffeine in it.

Is there any medications that can cause problems with Cacao?

Anti-depressants have a similar chemical component to Cacao so it is recommended to have a very small dose of Ceremonial Cacao if you are taking this drug. Please speak with your Dr if you are concerned.


 If you have high blood pressure do not drink ceremonial grade cacao unless discussed with Dr.

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