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Our Mission

ACC helps people who are on a spiritual journey to feel supported and nurtured whilst navigating through it.

Nourishing the phsyical, mental, spiritual and emotional body.

Amplifying the experience of Love, Connection, Creativity and Power within.


Hi! My name is Ice Inkhamwong and I founded Australian Ceremonial Cacao! 

I enjoyed a free and adventurous childhood in the rice paddies of northern Thailand, I then spent 2 years in Adelaide (when I travelled to Uluru), northern Borneo and eventually ended up in Brisbane Australia. I am a Thai, Irish, English, German, Russian, Vietnamese, Philippino and Baltic woman.

I feel deeply connected to this land and am here to help heal anyone who is prepared to take self responsibility to also heal who you are no matter what race, culture, label or creed.

So start with the heart, and then everything else will come.

I work in the spirit of Wirritjin Dreaming.

Let me tell you the story of how this all came to be!

It all started when I was 7 years old and my father took me to Uluru during Easter  holidays, and what did we do when we got there? We climbed it! I did not know that in doing so, this was very disrespectful and also believed to be very BAD LUCK!.

Fast forward to me at 29 yo, I went back. I had originally bought the trip as a birthday present for someone else but little did I know, this trip was meant for me too.

As the plane flew over Uluru I heard a voice in my head saying, "You have come back to apologise, and only when you have done this you will be ready for the next phase of your life." 

So as I sat on that seat I felt extremely excited! What phase of my life?! What's going to happen?! I had no idea!

So the first day there we were not going to visit the rock itself. See I had this idea in my head that I had to be standing right next to it to apologise to the ancestors for having climbed it when I was a young child! But they knew. The Spirits and Ancestors and Guardians of the land knew I was there! That night I had the craziest dreams! I was shown every single naughty thing I had ever done in my entire life! 

When I woke up the next morning I thought RIGHT! It's happening today! 

So I went on the rock tour that day and as I stood right next to it, I swear I could see it gently breathing. I could feel all eyes of all the ancestors there watching me. So many of them. Generations of Aboriginal spirits, so protective of the site and of the people visiting.

I stood there and apologised to them in my mind as I knew they were watching me. I said if you do forgive me, you know where to find me! Come visit me in my dreams!

So 10 days later, I dream.

That I am next to Uluru and I am with about 30 aboriginal women sitting around a fire. Two women stood out to me. One is a younger girl about 18yo and she explains to me that they are preparing Emu for me and point at how it is cut into 6 pieces. The women are all looking at me with love. I don't remember every detail as I am not meant to share it all, but when we have done all talking and gathering I am looking at the young girl in a blue t-shirt and an elder woman who is painted all over her breasts and body with only a skirt on. She holds a coolamon in front of one breast. They both smile at me with love and I float out of the scene.

Then a chain of events happened. I attended a Cacao Ceremony 2 months later and I start ceremonying with the Cacao at home. I started Reiki share where I was worked on by an Aboriginal and a Maori elder woman. That very first night the Aboriginal elder tells me she can see two women and described them EXACTLY how I saw them in my dream! She explains that they are my family from my past life. The young girl is my sister. I start balling my eyes out. CONFIRMATION! Others can see what I saw! 

"And the older woman has a gift for you, it's a coolamon (a bowl made from the bark of a tree used to carry bush tucker and babies in.)

I thought oh great! I wonder what I can use a spiritual bowl for? Too bad I can't actually use it as a fruit bowl or put actual practical use to it!


One day I am Ceremonying at home and I think what am I doing with my life? (Which was a question I was asking a lot at that time). Where is it going? How can I serve? How can I give? and...why would I be given a bowl? What good is a bowl I can't use? And a voice says to me "Well why don't you look inside it then?" 

So I meditate and I see my Elder handing me the bowl, I take it from her thanking her and as I hold it in front of me I look inside it. And what is it full of?

Brown Cacao Beans.

Then Mother Cacao's spirit comes into me. She says "You want to know what you can do? Take my hand and I will show you."


For the next 3 days and 2 nights I don't sleep. I am given downloads of information in to my mind and my third eye and I am shown EVERYTHING that started Australian Ceremonial Cacao. From the name to the logo artist, to the bags. To the Cacao itself coming from the right person from the right place in Peru. The website was shown to me all night. What, how, who, why, where and when. Everything.

3 days later Australian Ceremonial Cacao is born.

I founded ACC in 2018, fast forward to 2022 my husband Andy has joined me on this mission to bring community and men into this space. Andy runs mens circles amongst other services within holistic health. We are very excited to see where Cacao spirit leads us to next as our work evolves on Country.


It's connects us back into loving ourselves. THIS is how we serve the world. THIS is how we will change it. If you are reading this then I acknowledge how big and important your journey is.

Mother Cacao's spirit aids and guides you back into opening up your heart, as we have all lived through certain traumas and all have different stories. She guides you up into the vibration of love. The vibration that you were born with before you started collecting life experiences and traumas. Back to your original loving form. She works with you in any way that you wish to call upon. She works WITH you, not FOR you. You are the leader, the creator of your life! So make it exactly what you dreamt of, with no limits! 

Connection and Acknowledgement of Country is very important to me, the Ancestral Spirits strong message placed in this beautiful plant medicine is this...

YOU are part of this land. YOU are the living land protectors. The land warriors.

You have a land guide that was assigned to you when you were born here or the moment you stepped foot onto this land from another Country. They want you to know that they are with you, guiding you and protecting you. 

Your acknowledgment of your belonging here is integral to healing the energies of this land. To heal the traumas left behind from past events. 

They need you to step up and do your part, for the energetic blueprint and for the physical environment too.

Protect this land for it is your home! Your land looks after you when you look after your land! You are needed! You are strong! You are worthy! You matter here.

This Cacao is blessed with a monthly intention that is sent to you with your order, Light Language Coded and Crystal charged. It connects you to this part of Earth and to your Heart.

So Thank YOU!

From our hearts to

yours, Ice & Andy.

Ceremonial Cacao

A little bit about Cacao and why Ceremonial grade is different from the rest.

Ceremonial grade Cacao is a grade above the rest. Every other chocolate product that you will buy (and that includes raw organic powder) has had the cacao butter and fibers separated and many elements stripped from the product. Ceremonial Grade Cacao has had minimum tampering of the beans integrity. The bean is lightly roasted (very important part of the process), de-shelled and ground with a stone grinder. Once it arrives to Australia from Peru we have it melted at a low temperature of 46 degrees and molded into heart shapes. The molding process does not in any way alter the integrity and magic of the Cacao.

It is the magic of the WHOLE bean!

*Cacao is a gentle plant medicine.*


Our Story

Ice & Andy, Co- Founders of ACC
Raising the frequency of this world together
Cacao Connection Story

I would like to thank my amazing artist, cultural connector, intuitive healer, yarning circle facilitator and proud Bidgigal Woman Emma Stewart from @jirribitti_dreaming for this original piece called Cacao Connection.

‘Cacao Connection’ illustrates and acknowledges the holistic healing power of Cacao. The heart in the centre has been awakened and opened by connecting with Cacao. The boomerangs in the heart represent the powerful energy we receive and give back to mother Earth by consuming Cacao.⁣

The lines and dots represent the journey we take in reconnecting with ourselves, with our heart and with each other. Connecting with Cacao makes our spirit rise like the sun and reminds us we are all connected, we are all one. The power of the universe is within us all.⁣

Upcoming Events

  • Fortnightly Cacao Zoom Ceremony
    Fortnightly Cacao Zoom Ceremony
    Multiple Dates
    Mon, Jun 17
    Jun 17, 2024, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT+10
    Jun 17, 2024, 8:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT+10
    Join Kristy for fortnightly Cacao Ceremonies on Zoom
  • Women's Monthly Connection Circle
    Women's Monthly Connection Circle
    Multiple Dates
    Fri, Jun 28
    Jun 28, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Brookfield, Brookfield Rd, Brookfield QLD 4069, Australia
    Jun 28, 2024, 7:00 PM – 8:30 PM
    Brookfield, Brookfield Rd, Brookfield QLD 4069, Australia


Australian Ceremonial Cacao acknowledges and pays respect to the First Nations people of Jaggera Nation and the Traditional Owners of Meeinjin Brisbane on which we are truly lucky to be a guest to live and work on. The Ancestors of this land. We acknowledge all elders past, present and emerging.

Thanking and acknowledging the Traditional Owners and farmers of the land of Peru where the Cacao grows freely on their properties. Acknowledging the MesoAmerican Ancestors for introducing the continued evolving practice of Cacao Ceremony to this day.

And we thank Cacao, for coming to the rest of the world world to help make the change we all wish to see, of all people coming together, of sewing humanity back together. 

To live from the heart.

I also thank photographers Wilde Bloom and Wildwarmth Photo.


Linda. T

I love the little hearts and it tastes so yummy.

The best part is the beautiful monthly blessing and they are such a heart felt business

I love it!!!

Wendy. L

Such a beautiful product. The hearts bring a smile to my face every time I see them. And when you have some, your own heart is definitely opened up!

Adele. S

ACC product is simply stunning. My husband and I have a ritual of having a cuppa together every morning and every cup is just delicious. We have practically stopped drinking coffee all together.

The fact that Leena operates out of QLD is doubly delicious as we love to support local businesses where we can. ACC’s service is always on point and I can’t recommend them highly enough (I do so all the time).  Blessings 

Tropical Leaves
Here at ACC we believe in giving back.
We are so happy to announce that we now donate monthly to:

Children's Ground -

We also donate to various causes that come up and let you know via instagram or facebook.


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