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Ceremonial Cacao hearts for easy serving.

Welcome and thank you for your interest in becoming a part of our mission to change the world by spreading the LOVE and sharing ABUNDANCE!

(Affiliate program)



Please fill in all of the info below to apply.

Payments are set up via Paypal through an affiliates app.

Once you have successfully been approved to be an affiliate these are the terms:

You can choose a coupon code for your customers to use to receive 10% discount of their FIRST order ONLY.

You receive %15 commission (excludes shipping cost) per customer order.

You will continue to receive 15% payouts for all orders made by returning customers for ever. (Or as long as ACC exists!).


You as an affiliate cannot use the discount code for personal use.


Your customers cannot re-use the discount code after their initial first order. You need to explain this to them, any repeated coupon code use will be cancelled from our end. We will let you know if this has happened.

Discount codes and commissions will apply for purchases made from the Cacao product category only. This includes the bundles! 


Payout every 30 days via Paypal.

Mobile app for easy management.


Apply here to share the Abundance! (Affiliate account)

Thanks for applying! We'll get back to you soon.

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