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10ml Rose of Love Oil
  • 10ml Rose of Love Oil

    Rose of Love Ingredients: Organic Pure essential Rose oil, Jojoba oil, fractionated coconut oil and sweet almond oil.

    Did you know that the two highest vibrational and most evolved flowers in the world are the Rose and the Orchid? The rose has been the main flower that symbolises love since we as humans can remember.

    The Rose is also used to symbolise many other emotions and events by its many different colours. This Rose oil is intended to assist with the heart opening mission and is a perfect addition your Cacao ceremony. It has been crystal gridded and infused with reiki energy.

    It can also be used on the daily to set that loving intention wherever you are, as it can travel with you. I use it to fill my aura and energy field with the high vibration that the Rose flower has to offer and enjoy the loving energy of it. I also do this before or during my personal Cacao ceremony as it just helps lifts my vibration to love. It’s also a wonderful de-stresser, I also use it to keep me held in a beautiful love bubble when I am at work or out in public!-Just roll some oil on your hands and rub together and then wipe all over your body to fill your aura.

    These oils are also good for your skin and can be mixed with regular face cream to add extra moisture!

    Rose oil is said to have anti aging properties, as well as the Jojoba and Sweet Almond oil. - just roll some oil on your hands and add a squirt of your facial moisturiser for extra love and nourishment! With a crystal quartz roller ball it is just smooth and beautiful to apply!

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