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Pregnancy Ceremony Set

Pregnancy Ceremony Set

This is for the Mother expecting to be.

I have included a Vanilla scented pregnancy bump candle and the rose of love oil.

I burnt my candle while setting my intention for my birth and setting the birthing space for how I would be supported and held and sending that love to future me during the time of birth that was coming.

You can also burn this candle to hold space during birth or during any spell or intention setting ceremony you would like to create that is meaningful to you.


I used the Rose of Love oil a lot during my pregnancy and post pregnancy. It's smell is uplifting and nurturing for me. I also massaged it onto my bump and used it to rub into any stress point and for massage as well and even to hold space before going out into a public space and if stress would arise.

It is such a versatile oil used to work with me during the times that were highly emotional just as an extra support.


I advise when drinking Cacao to go by how you feel with how many hearts you need, it differs for each individual but always trust and listen to your body.

For more information please watch my video called "Can pregnant women drink Cacao" on IGtV on my instagram or on youtube.


If you have any questions please don't hesitate to email me.

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