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3 x Kaffir lime leaf + sacred herbs handmade artisanal incense sticks
  • 3 x Kaffir lime leaf + sacred herbs handmade artisanal incense sticks

    Hand created and rolled incense by me, Ice, here at home to give you the incense stick that I was looking for, for my own sacred ceremonies and rituals.

    Made with the best quality ingredients, it is a space cleanser and raises the vibration of the space inside and outside.


    Kefir lime leaf is used as an ancient traditional healing herb in Thailand, where I am from, to cleanse auras of all negative cords, connections and energies. Used to cleanse the body before sacred rituals.

    Rose is powerful, uplifting, and calming as well as raising the level of love, compassion, and self-worth.

    Paperbark gum leaves also clears negative energetic baggage and helps you release toxic relationships that deplete your energy.

    Frankincense resin is used to create a sacred space, connecting the surroundings that its smoke touches into a divine spiritual space. It promotes deep inner knowledge to ones own divine wisdom.

    Premium quality Machilus thunbergii othwerwise known and Makko as a natural binder.



    Ways to use (there are examples, go with your intuition and do what you need):


    Light and place at the entry of events or house before guests arrive.

    Light for any ritual or ceremony use.

    Cleanse the energy in rooms or venues or properties.


    60-80+ mins burn time.

    To put it out and reuse later, dip burning tip in water or twist into earth until it stops smoking.

    Ingredients: Kefir lime leaf, Makko, Rose, Acacia gum, Cedarwood, Sandalwood.

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