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 3 x Rosemary + sacred herbs handmade artisanal incense sticks
  • 3 x Rosemary + sacred herbs handmade artisanal incense sticks

    Hand created and rolled incense by me, Ice, here at home to give you the incense stick that I was looking for, for my own sacred ceremonies and rituals.

    Made with the best quality ingredients, it is a space cleanser and raises the vibration of the space inside and outside.


    • Rosemary has been used by European ancestors thousands of generations ago to purify and cleanse, it clears negative energies, both from physical spaces and the aura making it a sacred smoke.
    • Rose is powerful, uplifting, and calming as well as raising the level of love, compassion, and self-worth.
    • Paperbark gum leaves also clears negative energetic baggage and helps you release toxic relationships that deplete your energy.
    • Golden leaves is emotionally grounding and settling, it helps make spiritual connections by opening the mind and heart to a free flow of positive energy.
    • Acacia gum is also helpful for spiritual grounding, cleansing and purifying.
    • Sandalwood helps with the connection to our higher self, the divine and and activates th epineal gland to expand spiritual awareness.
    • Premium quality Machilus thunbergii othwerwise known and Makko as a natural binder.



    Ways to use (there are examples, go with your intuition and do what you need):


    Light and place at the entry of events or house before guests arrive.

    Light for any ritual or ceremony use.

    Cleanse the energy in rooms or venues or properties.


    60-80+ mins burn time.

    To put it out and reuse later, dip burning tip in water or twist into earth until it stops smoking.



    Ingredients: Rosemary, Makko, Rose, paper bark gum leaf, golden leaf, acacia gum, sandalwood.

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