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Want to host a cacao ceremony?


Cacao Ceremony Intensive Training Course.

3 x 1 hour per week Cacao Ceremony Facilitator Training is now available via Zoom.


What you will get out of this;

-Clear steps on where to begin and end your ceremony.

-How to set up space and intention.

-Suggestions of different meditations.

-Knowledge of how to make your Cacao Ceremony deep and connecting.

-How to host an impactful Cacao Ceremony.

- Trusting yourself.

This is tailored to you and your needs as an individual to help you incorporate Cacao Ceremony into your already existing ceremonies or to lead one from scratch.

This is 1:1 so that we can really work together to build your confidence and experience ceremony and growth together.

Investment: $580 AUD

Location: Zoom

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