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Rose Quartz Orgonite Charge Plate

Rose Quartz Orgonite Charge Plate

Orgonite is used to energetically charge all objects like food, water, crystals, anything! Also to clear energy and protect objects from lower vibration, emf toxicity and radiation.
I also use it to channel energy into my body and charge my chakras! They absolutely do feel amazing!
The pictures don’t do them justice you just have to hold them in your hands to feel the beautiful loving energy that radiates from them!

They have the Cacao Connection channeled artwork in the centre by Indigenous Artist Emma Stewart from Jirribitti Dreaming on them. The energy that comes off this artwork backed by the crystals and metals in the Plate is just beautiful.

‘Cacao Connection’ illustrates and acknowledges the holistic healing power of Cacao. The heart in the centre has been awakened and opened by connecting with Cacao. The boomerangs in the heart represent the powerful energy we receive and give back to mother Earth by consuming Cacao.⁣

The lines and dots represent the journey we take in reconnecting with ourselves, with our heart and with each other. Connecting with Cacao makes our spirit rise like the sun and reminds us we are all connected, we are all one. The power of the universe is within us all.⁣

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