Cleanse with Rose Water 250ml

Cleanse with Rose Water 250ml

Cleanse with Rose Water. 🌹


Spray to cleanse all the stale energy with highest vibrational Rosewater. This spray is something that I had to provide, it is intended to cleanse and protect yourself and ceremonial space. It will protect you before going out and also cleanse you when you arrive home. We all want to be clear of other people‘s energy and protect ourselves from others taking our energy from us that can sometimes leave us feeling really tired or influenced by energies and that we don’t want to be influenced by. It is important to cleanse our space before we ceremony and also protect it so that outside influence and energies cannot disturb or influence our ceremonies. Sacred space is sacred space. Quite often we have cords connected to others that we are concerned about and when we ceremony we must make sure that we are clear of all cords so that we are in the highest service of ourselves.


This beautifully smelling gentle spray is also friendly for our skin, and has been gently extracted from organic rose petals.