Ceremony Set
  • Ceremony Set

    Aragonite Sputnik Cluster


    These little crystals or just absolutely unique and gorgeous! Grounding and Earth Healing. These crystals heal the land and Earths ley lines, perfect for our mission of land healing and the little Earth healer inside you would be excited to receive this little crystal as well. Balancing and harmonious for your aura as well.


    Palo Santo


    Used for centuries to cleanse unwanted energy from your auric field. Cleanses space during and before ceremony, raise the vibration of your intention so that the universe can instantly respond. Ask for the wisdom of this smudge stick to assist you in your ceremony.




    Lifts any veil covering the truth, lifts you into higher state of energy, perfect pre-meditation or sleep. Helps you astral travel safely, it is a special protector against unwanted attacks of outside energies. Encourages dreams and visions.


    Abalone Shell


    Absolutely stunning large abalone shell! Each one is unique with unique markings. Use to hold burning smudge sticks, as a bowl for mixing herbs or use for sacred bathing as a water scoop.


    I hope that this beautiful little set joins you in ceremony to assist in clearing your space and setting your intentions. I wish you all the best on your journey of heart opening and self love!

    Warmly, Leena.

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