300g  Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao in Hard Container
  • 300g Peruvian Ceremonial Cacao in Hard Container


    We are moving into the age of light. All of the light in the Universe has been channeled into this bag of Cacao. All suns and stars. Bringing up to the light all that we have hiding in the shadows, when light is shon on all that we hide the shame,humiliation,embarassment, insecurities die. Fear can be converted to love.  Let this Cacao fill you up with light and clear our what no longer serves you and release everything that holds you back. The world needs you to step into your full unique expression. There is only one you, no one else has ever walked a day in your shoes.


    Coming directly from the Plant medicine Cacao Goddess and the Ancestors of Australia. 37 servings/hearts. Enjoy 2 for a good ceremonial dose or 1 for a light home ceremony. You may notice that different feelings or journeys may arise with each different batch of Cacao because of the different energies that go into it. I send you my personal loving intention with every single bag and thank you for being a part of this conscious path of personal growth and self ceremony! This is stone ground Peruvian Criollo Cacao Beans. It is ground so fine that it starts to turn into a paste and melts in the friction of the grind. The Cacao has been melted at the lowest temp possible as to not affect the integrity when being moulded into hearts. So when you make your Ceremonial drink it is smooth, powerful and beautiful! Add coconut oil, your favourite sweetener, a pinch of chilli powder and some vanilla paste or cinnamon. You can truly create your favourite mix at home. This will not detract from the magical medicine that is Cacao. I recommend 1 heart per serving or 2 for home ceremony depending on how strong you like your Cacao. Play with the recipe and allow your intuition to guide you! This is a very personal relationship with you and Mother Cacao. This is an ancient Peruvian strain of Cacao used as far back as 15,000 years! Cacao is a heart opening plant medicine, getting you out of your head space and into your heart space! It all starts there! Cacao works with you to co-create your life! Enjoy Ceremonying!

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